We are very proud to have worked with our friends at the Smallholder Range for
the past 7 years
bringing you the brilliant Ex-Bat Crumbs and Ex-Bat Pellets, specially
formulated for the welfare and condition of our gorgeous hens.
I’ve always used the feed and have lost count of the number of birds who have thrived on
it. The Ex-Bats Range provided the best nutrition for free range life for all my ex-bats –
there’s no doubt about that. And we know you’ve loved it too.
However, when I met Tim Page a few months ago we had to face the fact that birds
coming out of the new colony cages are in a very different condition to our original ex-
bats and therefore the feed requirements were also different.
Those of you who have adopted some colony caged hens will know that generally they
are much fitter. Tim and I concluded that the need for a specialised feed was no longer
valid and as such it was agreed that stocks of Ex-Bat Crumb & Ex-Bat Pellets would be
slowly run down.
For those, like me, who will sorely miss the feed, there’s plenty of time to help your hens
adjust to an alternative and Tim suggested the Smallholder Range, Natural Free Range
Layers Pellets. I can confirm that as expected my hens hesitated at the diet change
they are such creatures of habit), but when they realised that Natural Free Range
Layers Pellets were actually very tasty too, the conversion was quickly made and they
now love the new daily diet.
Whilst we may be losing our Ex-bat feeds, our associates at the Smallholder Range are
keen to continue their support of the charity’s work in making a donation on each bag of
Smallholder Range, Natural Free Range Layers Pellets sold. The donations we have
received in the past seven years have helped to fund countless hen collections and
equipped our teams to carry them out. The Smallholder Range support is very valuable
to the charity, and each time you make a purchase, you will be contributing directly
towards our work too.
Smallholder Range, Natural Free Range Layers Pellets offers a complete, nutritionally
balanced diet and contains added Omega 3 for healthy birds and tasty eggs. It has
grass, maize and marigold petals to give a lovely, natural golden colour to yolks and is
boosted with vitamins and minerals too.
I’d just like to take the opportunity to openly and wholeheartedly thank everyone at the
Smallholder Range for all their support over the years, support which goes way beyond
their generous donations. We think you are
exceedingly GOOD EGGS!
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