Your letters
We’re breaking with tradition in Your Letters for just one issue. I’ve been in
touch with supporter, Mel Lazenby, for many years now and a long time ago I
helped her with two v ry poorly hens she had taken under her wing. Occasion-
ally Mel keeps in touch and sends me an update on her two aging ex-bats, Phil-
lis and Weeble. Her latest missive made me smile and I wanted to show you
Morning Jane, I realise you must get a million e-mails, but I thought
you'd like to know that Phillis is celebrating five years of freedom today.
I cannot believe she’s still here, she was so poorly last year and has
been permanently implanted since August 2012.
Thank you for helping these two at the very start, if I’d known 5 years ago
that Phillis would live this long, I could have slept way better over the
Thank you from both of us”