To win a copy of Martin Gurdon’s new book ‘Doing Bird’ we
asked you what was the best thing about your hens, and had
some lovely entries, here are just a few we’ve chosen:
The best thing about my hens is...
No matter if it's raining
or if there's blazing sun
keeping hens is excellent
it's really so much fun.
Not only for their yummy eggs,
but the company they bring
there's nothing nicer to my ears
than hearing my chooks sing!
They love me for my sweetcorn,
mealworms and treats galore
they follow me around the field
inquisitive for more...
They eat up creepy crawlies,
garden worms and horrid bugs,
but the best thing about my hens
Is their fun, cute, fluffy hugs."
Dorothy was our
September Facebook
winner; owned by
Karen Brelsford, Doro-
thy is now the grand old
age of 7, and loves cuddles
whilst sitting on Karen's
knee. A spoilt ex - bat if
ever I saw one! Wonderful.
Facebook star hen
the way they chase you round the garden hoping for a treat.”
Garry Packer
that they are always pleased to see me - no matter what...!”
Kate Davis
the welcome home chorus I get every time I walk through the front gate.”
By Kathryn Green
Alison Citroen-Symes