Find the Golden Egg!
Did you know?
Rise of the Monster Meringues
First we had a cupcake fest, then it was pretty coloured
macaroons and whoopie pies, well now there’s a new sweet treat on
the table: the monster meringue! If you want your dinner party to be
bang on trend, serve huge, fluffy pillows of meringue the size of
dinner plates, sprinkling them with dried berries or chopped nuts.
Chef Yotam Ottolenghi has been credited with making meringues
stylish, but the Meringue Girls ( have taken
things to a whole new level with their amazing
creations. What are you waiting for?
You’ve got all the eggs you need.
Surely you’re yolking
And still on the meringue theme,
and to be sure you don’t waste
those precious yolks, did you know
that contrary to popular belief you can
freeze them? It’s more successful if you
add either a pinch of salt or sugar before
freezing which prevents the yolks turning
gelatinous. However, label your yolks sweet
or salty – it wouldn’t do to spoil a sponge at
a later date! Defrost in the fridge and
rub the yolks through a fine sieve
before using. They will freeze
for up to 3 months.
The winner of the summer edition Golden Egg competition is
Simon De Garis from Worcester who won his ‘n hers baseball
This time we have an exclusive BHWT gold coloured egg skelter
for two lucky winners. Made in Devon, the Egg Skelter is a
practical and stylish way to keep your eggs in date order. It’s
available from our BHWT shop
in a range of
So if you can spot the golden egg nestling somewhere in this
send us an email entitled Golden Egg to
or write to Competitions
British Hen
Welfare Trust,
Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, Devon EX36 4RF
telling us which page the Golden Egg is on. Closing date 13th December 2013.
Did you know?
The Lava Lamp is 50 years old; it was invented by British
accountant, Edward Craven-Walker, after he got the idea from
an egg-timer
in a pub in Dorset.