Adele Hall has been a volunteer Co-ordinator for the charity for 8 years now,
helping almost 34,000 hens to wing their way to free range pet homes. Adele
wanted me to thank her wonderful team for their efforts in making this special day
loads of fun as well as rewarding:
I am absolutely delighted that BHWT’s 400,000
hen has been re-homed from
Lancashire and I would like to thank all of the Lancashire Team personally for their
true dedication and willingness (sometimes at short notice) to make this and
previous re-homing days so special and run so smoothly. Our volunteers, both in
Lancashire and around the UK are so lucky to be involved with this wonderful
charity and the buzz we get waving the hens off to their new homes makes all the
hard work so worthwhile. We also gain the privilege of meeting some lovely
people such as Ann and Andrew who have adopted Daisy May, and we wish her
well in what I know will be a loving and caring new home”.
Ann also said some nice things about us, which seeing as we’re in celebration
mode, we’d like to include too:
The British Hen Welfare Trust is such a wonderful organisation, they are always at
the end of the phone if you need advice and we have great admiration for the
people at BHWT especially the Co-ordinators and all their helpers who work
tirelessly to rescue these beautiful birds in all weathers.”
And this is Ann’s advice to those who don’t yet have any brown, fluffy things:
All we can say is go on adopt some ex-commercial hens - you will be amazed at
what you see, the way they develop and adapt to a life outside a cage, and do
things that come naturally to them. You will get hooked and definitely won't regret
And I’ve got to say … I agree with her!
However, IF you are unable to help us by donating or adopting, please do one
simple thing and hand this magazine to someone, someone who might not yet
know about us, and who
just might be able to offer
a home to some hens. You
would be doing something
more valuable than you
realize. And I would be
eggstremely grateful.
Andrew and Ann with lucky Daisy May