od Eggs (RS)
When we heard there was a new
fantastic Hentastic Mini Van doing the
rounds, it was only a matter of time
before we invited Hentastic along to
some of our hen collections … and what
a hit it proved to be!!
At the end of last year, Ryan Stockford &
Carl Fellows from Hentastic joined our
Surrey and Hampshire teams.
Standing out from the crowd in his
eye-catching Hentastic Mini Van, Ryan
also gave out some Hentastic Foraging
Treats to an excited queue of Hampshire
re-homers waiting to adopt their girls!
Hampshire Co-ordinator Alice told us: “I
think a lot of us would have liked the Hentastic
van, it was very snazzy! Having Ryan there let
people know where we were in the yard, and he
was happy to help re-home the girls whilst I
handed out the treats as the people booked in.
Ryan gave me a low down on the treats so I
knew what to tell our lovely re-homers; he's
welcome to come anytime as it was a great
success. Oh and by the way, my girls wolfed the
treats down - the garlic pellet mix!”
We hope the Hentastic men with their
Hentastic van will be coming to your
area sometime soon!
For more information about Hentastic
treats, tonics and feeders visit
and you can also buy
online at
Ryan Stockford with BHWT