The Wonderful Whitemans
Megan, Dawn and Andrew Whiteman have been loyal supporters of the BHWT for quite
some time now and wow are we grateful! Megan has held car boot sales; got her whole
family involved in knitting hens, and other designs which have appeared in magazines;
held hen parties and sold items through her Ebay account where all the proceeds come
directly to us! All Megan’s hard work is really paying off as we have received over £1,770
in donations, with more being raised as I write. Megan predicts she will be listing around
items for us on her Ebay
charity page
ust in case you fancy a
peek! Megan has so many brilliant
and innovative ideas on how to raise
money, and says that selling lots of
items cheaply adds up as she has
well and truly proven. We are so
pleased to have your support Megan
and your hard working family too.
Thank you!
Running for hens in Devon!
Tina Collins and Michael Hancock decided to make it a double effort by completing the
Great West Run for us as well as holding a
Free Range
in their local pub, The Crown & Sceptre. The pair
had a great race and both completed the course in good
times, and Naomi from Hen Central went along to their
Free Range Friday
to meet everyone and have a good
giggle watching the
landlord doing the
school run in a
chicken costume!
We love the daft
things our wonderful
supporters will do for
the hens, thank you
all so much. And
thank you, too, for
your donation of