Pret A Manger is well known for being committed to natural, fresh food
that is ethically and sustainably sourced. We spoke to Nicki Fisher, Head
of Sustainability
about how successful retailing and high welfare can go
hand in hand.
Pret A Manger has a 100% British free range egg policy. What drove this? Was it a
corporate policy decision or based on consumer research?
Pret moved to free range
eggs over 10 years ago. It was driven by Pret’s desire to do the right thing not by
consumer research. We made the decision to not only use free-range in the obvious
products such as egg mayonnaise, but also in all our ingredients such as cakes and
Roughly how many free range eggs does Pret A Manger use each year?
approximation would be 15,000,000.
How do you work with farmers to source eggs for your shops? What relationship do
you have with your egg farmers?
Pret fosters long-term relationships with our
suppliers, where both can grow and succeed mutually. We have been supplied by
one supplier for over 10 years who sources from numerous farms in the SE of the UK.
Our supplier has invested in brand new Free Range farms to replace older sheds and
meet new demand. Their new hen houses use multi-tier layouts which allow the birds
to jump up from tier to tier to get access to food, water and nest boxes found on the
various levels. This keeps the birds active and healthy and promotes bone strength,
as well as reducing the stocking intensity and so the stress on the birds. As you know
chickens love to perch! All our farms have what we call "enriched ranges". Here we
plant trees, shrubs and hedges to keep the birds busy and encourage them out of the
hen houses, once again reducing the stress levels in the flocks.