Do you have an independent
audit scheme and how does this work?
All our
suppliers are audited on a regular basis to ensure they adhere to our strict food
hygiene, environmental and animal welfare standards.
Some retailers claim that using free range eggs is too expensive in order to offer
customers great value for money. How does Pret A Manger manage to do this and
stay competitive on the high street?
We believe that the investment in high quality
and good animal welfare products is worth it. It’s what our customers have come to
expect and we are always striving to improve those standards.
Your website states that ‘We’re committed to the highest feasible levels of animal
welfare and environmental stewardship’ How does this translate into your other
We only use UK higher welfare chicken, free-range turkey, UK higher
welfare pork & bacon, pole and line caught tuna, organic milk, Scottish salmon and
British beef.