What do you see as the main trends in the British consumer’s attitudes towards food?
After the horsemeat scandal consumers will continue to demand transparency around the
food that they eat – provenance and traceability will continue to be paramount. With ever
rising levels of obesity, healthy food and eating less meat will become increasingly
important to consumers.
What innovations can we look forward to from Pret A Manger over the next year?
customers will see more and more healthy options along the same lines as our recently
launched Kale crisps, and healthy raw juices. Look out for some old favourites from years
gone by too!
How do you see Pret A Manger’s role in the changing face of the high street, and the
public’s shopping / eating experience?
Pret will continue to be the destination of choice
for the consumer who wants good quality food, with high animal welfare standards at an
affordable price.
What do you think of the
British Hen Welfare Trust’s efforts
to promote free range eggs and
support British egg farmers
supportive, you do excellent work.
And finally, I would love to know a
little more about you and ask a
couple of personal questions if
I may.
What is your favourite egg
You can’t beat a hard-boiled
egg with salt. Delicious!
Are you a hen-lover and would
you ever consider keeping hens as
I do already. I have taken 3
of your hens in the past, and they
continued to lay lovely eggs for a
good few years. I will shortly be
taking some more to bulk up my
flock to 12…