Sadly life contains rotten eggs, and we had the misfortune to come across
some early in January, here’s the story:
Our lovely Hertfordshire Co-ordinator, Melanie Catley, emailed before 8am on 3rd
January to offer the usual Happy New Year greetings and tell me about her “two new
additions - Gertrude and Esmerelda - saved from Christmas dinner :0) Turkeys are so
cute!” They really
kind people our Co-ordinators.
Sadly less than two hours later news came through from a tearful Melanie that the
charity trailer, crates and bespoke tarpaulin had been stolen from her home. The
thieves broke through a locked gate just 15ft from the lounge door, made their way to
the trailer about 50 yards from the house, then broke the hitch lock and drove our
trailer through the hedge, smashing a fence in the escape.
The impact on the charity was immediate, we had 250 hens due out the following
weekend and no equipment with which to collect them, a situation which would result
in disappointed supporters and dead hens, not a good scenario at all. The impact on
Melanie and her husband, Roy, was immediate too: “I still just cannot quite believe
it - it's made me scared to even walk the dogs into the paddock when it's dark. I am so
sorry that this has happened, words can't express how upset and angry I am that
someone has done this.” How dreadful to be made to feel like that in your own home.
I hate rotten eggs. But I love hens, so does Melanie and everyone else at the BHWT,
so we swung into action; a press release was sent to local papers, an appeal put out
on local radio, and we posted on social media asking for help in tracking our trailer.