And there’s a happy ending to this story, because despite the rotten eggs’ attempt to
thwart our work, a kindly good egg who was out walking his dog spotted our trailer
tucked behind a cottage, just out of view. Brian saw the trailer inactive for a few days
and had the good sense to call the Police. Melanie was notified and the trailer retrieved
within days, intact with crates and tarpaulin on board.
Following that stroke of luck, national trailer security specialist Bulldog, stepped into the
frame by offering the charity advice on security across the group and supplying a new
lock for the Herts team.
The hens, all 252 of them, came out the following weekend and as you’re reading this
article, they’re hopefully popping out an egg or two in gratitude.
The thoughtfulness of a member of the public, the kindness of Bulldog and the resilience
of Melanie all help to restore faith in the good eggs in this world.
Message to those involved in the trailer’s retrieval:
Thank you very much indeed.
Message to the rotten eggs:
You stink!