Sir Charles Parsons School
The enthusiastic pupils at Sir Charles Parsons
School baked delicious cakes and had a BHWT
stall at their school Christmas Fair at the end of
Along with the cakes the pupils also held a
competition to guess the names of the teacher’s
rescued hens and collectively the school raised over
£50. Thank you all very much indeed for your
hard work, we will put this money towards helping
more hens!
Libbie Buist
is 11 years old and when she stumbled
across some images of hens in cages she started
asking questions. Then Libbie decided she wanted to
do something proactive so she contacted the BHWT
to suggest she hold a
Free Range Friday
at school. Libbie approached the school herself and
had a great response. She then went about organising the event and baking a whopping 350
cakes – that’s a
lot of cakes!
Free Range Friday
was, of course, a great success raising a
fabulous £151! Our thanks to Libbie for all her hard work, her Mum for handing over the kitchen
for a while, and the school for allowing Libbie to hold her
Free Range Friday
on our behalf
Here is Libbie with the late Wilma.
Clynfyw Farm
Clynfyw Care Farm have had hens from the
BHWT since 2011, and nearly 50 people turned
up for their
Free Range Friday
after some
local advertising. Berni Cox, who was chief
organiser and coffee maker for the event, told
us: “It just goes to show the number of people
locally who are interested in animal welfare
and the work the BHWT do.” The event raised
£101.50 for the charity and we would like to say
a massive thank you to everyone including, of
course, their hard working hens who provided
all the free range eggs! Another little flock
arrived just before the event and hopefully took note of how to help more of their ‘colleagues’
come out of their cages in future.