Co-ordinator Alice Moneypenny
joined the charity in autumn 2005
initially helping our Surrey team.
Then in 2008, and with the support
of husband, James, Alice provided
the backbone for our Hampshire
team when it was established in
followed 18 months later by
lynchpin Rachel Abbey who is
responsible for transportation, and
poorly care.
The team operate their hen
collections from stables owned by
kind volunteer, Susan McMurrugh,
located next to Denmead Golf Club
and, along with 10 other regular
volunteers, our accomplished
Hampshire team has just homed
its 10,000
Alice who works in the UK Compliance Management team for AT & T, told me what first
drew her to the charity: “I first read an article in a magazine about how the charity began. I
really wanted hens but as James wasn't keen I thought I would offer some help so joined
the Surrey team. On my first hen collection I went home with 3 girls and a cockerel - and
that was the start of things to come!”
Rachel is a secretary working at Crookhorn College by day and a lay preacher in her spare
time, but despite having a busy life, is always there to help collect the girls from farms, and
usually takes responsibility for the vital task of crate cleaning and disinfecting.
We are so proud of our Hampshire team, they run a slick operation on hen collection days,
something borne out by satisfied re-homers who commented as follows via our post
adoption survey. Thanks to
re-homer, Phyl, for this comment:
Q: On collection day, did you find
our volunteers helpful?
and so well-organised making
collection day quick and easy.
And to re-homer, Rachel for this:
Q: Is there anything you feel we
can improve upon?
No!!!! Every
aspect and every person
concerned has been 1st class.
BHWT Hampshire
Ryan from Hentastic with Rachel, Laura, Emily, Alice and little Lily