Your favourite eggy brekkie –
full English or dainty egg
The 'Full' and I often do it for the
massed ranks of Stewarts and
visiting guests. We've a passion
for Irish breakfast breads,
learned from our dear Ulster
friend Zandra Watts; I am also
very partial to black-pudding
with a dash of Worcester sauce.
The British Hen Welfare Trust -
mother hen or cock of the
I’m not familiar with the Trust
until now but I am making
myself so. My friend Paul
O'Grady is great on ex-battery
chickens and I think it is an
important campaign.
Guilty pleasure - Creme egg or fried egg?
Savoury – a poached egg on a piece of smoked haddock takes an awful
lot of beating but the egg must be perfectly runny and the fish, steaming.
My son and I were guests of the Fishmongers Company, years ago, at
Billingsgate and, after a 04:00 start, that is what they served us at the end of
their day – c09:30 !
What would be your top tips for someone considering keeping their own
Do it! I gave my lovely friend Katie Derham a couple of chicks when she,
her husband and two daughters moved to the country. Never looked
back. You can buy a small hen-house, even those igloo type things. But be
prepared to get the bug and you'll end up with a couple of lovely houses
like us.
And finally…. You have interviewed many interesting people in your
time. But if you could interview anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional, who
would it be and what would you ask them?
Henry VIII – was it really about religion or was it about that Boleyn