When we posted on Facebook about Daisy May coming
out of her colony cage as
special hen number 400,000
we had a wonderful reaction, so here are just a few of
the posts:
I am sure I'm not alone in admitting
that the hens we rescue enrich our lives as we enrich
theirs, thank you to all involved in this wonderful
Thank you for the amazing work you do,
I re-homed my girls in 2011 and would never have real-
ised what fun additions to the family these girls would
be, I just wish I had taken the plunge years earlier.
Congratulations and well done for your continued hard work in
rescuing these lovely ladies. I adopted my beautiful girls a couple of years ago and
I love them to bits x Thank you BHWT for enriching my life. I'm hoping to enlarge my
coop this year so we can offer some more ladies a free range retirement xxx
Awesome work! I re-homed 3 ladies in December and they are lovely.
Wish I had room for some more! Will definitely re-home some more in the future,
they are a joy - and so nosey!
Roll on half a million!! Well done everyone, that's lots of happy hens.
I don't know what numbers Houdini Hen, Miss Lisa and
Scruffy Chook (who has finally decided to go for the full set of feathers) were, but I
am pretty sure they say "thank you" ... having watched them chase the remains of
some veg around the garden this morning it's hard to imagine them being anything
other than boisterously free range.
Great news! Half a mill here we come!
You should be very proud. We had 8 girls from Ian Farrar in the
summer and they are lovely girls - they follow my hubby like he's the Pied Piper.
Well done, I know my girls would thank you from the bottom of
their little hearts if they could speak, it has been wonderful to see them
flourish into such happy confident girls, I would never believe that having
hens could be so rewarding, thank you all at BHWT, we love our girls.