Recipe kindly supplied by Waitrose
Taking the time to hatch
innovative ideas for daily tweets
and Facebook posts paid off
when we were announced the
clear winners of the 2013
GrowMyCharity Charity Social
Media Award and presented with a £500 donation and trophy on 16
GrowMyCharity’s 2013 South West Social Media Award was sponsored by Charles
Stanley stockbrokers and open to entries from any South West based charity which
were able to demonstrate how social
media has become an integral tool in
their marketing strategy. The panel of
judges deemed us winners thanks to
the clarity of ‘our messages, great
visuals, genuine engagement and
sense of humour’ which is why we have
over 3,600 Twitter followers and 8,500
Facebook likes. They also liked that we
understood how social media helps us
to achieve our strategic objectives,
how it forms an integral part of our
communication strategy, encouraging
everyone on our small team to be
involved. Thank you to all our
supporters who helped to make this
trophy and donation ours, we couldn’t
have won without you!
Alistair Gleave of Gleave Media Ltd, Richard Missen
of Charles Stanley stockbrokers, Jane Howorth, and
Jackie Dawkins of Shine Recruitment.
Windmill’s exploits go viral!
Who would have thought one little BHWT hen could make national news. Well
Windmill did and I wonder how many of you heard about the little hen who escaped
from her coop and was retrieved by the
postman? The kind postie left a ‘Something
for you’ note explaining how he had
spotted Windmill escaping and posted her
back through the hedge! This image of the
postman’s note was posted by Windmill’s
owner, Leanne Preston, and within 24
hours the news had gone viral. Over
people liked Windmill’s story.
We did too, local press got involved and
Windmill’s story continued to spread.
Windmill had her moment of fame!
Fortunately she’s now reverted to a
quieter life within the safety of her coop,
and has hopefully learnt that the grass
is not always greener on the other side!