Set the oven to 350f or gas mark 4, and grease the baking sheets.
Beat together the butter and sugar until very soft, then stir in the beaten egg,
followed by the flour and custard powder. Knead lighly on a floured board, then
roll out - it's quite soft and sticky so you need to be light-handed with it.
Cut out 2" rounds with a plain biscuit cutter (I use a floured tumbler). Gather up
trimmings and re-roll and you should get around 28. They spread a little in the
oven so leave a couple of inches between them.
Bake for 10 mins until pale brown, then cool on a wire rack.
The traditional way to finish these is to sandwich together with raspberry jam,
then top with glace icing and half a glace cherry, but I mix up a little vanilla or
chocolate butter icing.
Supporter Karen Belton, from hen-friendly vets Acorn Vets in Hove, East
Sussex, made these gorgeous biscuits and raised funds for our Free Range
Friday campaign.
oz butter
oz sugar
oz self raising flour
oz custard powder
large free range egg, beaten