Anne has a new book out on 16 Jan next year
called ‘A Family Guide to Keeping Chickens,’
published by ‘How To Books’ (an imprint of
Constable & Robinson). You can pre-order a
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On the subject of drainage, don’t ever be tempted to mix chickens and ducks in the same run.
Ducks are not ‘grazers’ like geese (which are brilliant at keeping grass cropped and in good
condition) and will soon make a run muddy and unkempt. There is, in addition, the
possibility of cross disease.
Keeping the run clean is also important. I’ve seen many where surplus garden produce such
as Brussel sprout stalks, cabbage leaves and the like have been tossed in over winter in order
to provide much-needed and valuable greenstuffs. This is all well and good… but not if the
debris is then left for weeks on end to rot, go slimy and prevent new spring growth. By all
means give your chickens such things, but clear it up and put it on the compost heap once the
birds have picked of the best. Better still, suspend greenstuffs at chicken head height as it will
keep them exercised and entertained for longer – and there will be no mess in the run.
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