The hen in the photo is called Shrimp (aka Miss S H Rimp) and she is the resident
house hen. Although she is very small and lame she has a huge personality and is
unbearably cute. Marcella, my hen friendly vet, did a prolapse repair for her a
couple of months ago.
Shrimp was brought
indoors at night
although she went out
with the others by day.
Whilst indoors she took
to roosting in an old
antique shoe cleaning
box in the corner.
Ruth Burroughs in
From: Charlene
Sent: 19 January 2014
To: Wendy Reynolds
Subject: Settling in
We have had our girls,
Jemima, Henrietta and
Florence, for one week
now and they have
settled in well! They go
to and from bed on
their own and
completely ignore the
infatuated Labrador!
Truth be told she is
more interested in their
food and droppings than themselves! And we have had 7 eggs so far which isn't
bad going!
Thank you for your advice! We love our girls very much.
Kind regards
Charlene and Jonathan Mallott