And Finally ...
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Jane Howorth
Lisa Pope
01884 860084
Little did I know when I
answered the phone one
morning last December
that Ruby was about to
come into my life.
Ruby’s owner was close
to tears as she explained
her problem: Ruby has a
big mouth and a loud
voice, the neighbours
have complained and
she has been given an
ultimatum. Either Ruby
goes, or all the hens go.
But how bad could it be?
Ruby is a hen not a
cockerel, ‘bring her over
and I’ll give her a home’ I
heard myself saying.
The re-homer arrived and
tearfully handed over a
closed box which I carried with due care to my hen enclosure. I opened the box intending to
keep Ruby in a separate pen and then merge her in a few days’ time.
Ruby was out of the box squawking loudly and complaining bitterly about her uninvited
incarceration. Did I mention she had a loud voice? The noise had to be heard to be
believed. Ruby marched into the main flock and never looked back.
Not only does Ruby have a voice that sopranos would be proud of, she also has a talent for
remaining pristinely clean no matter what the ground conditions; her feet are always
spotless even when her flock mates are up to their chests in mud.
But Ruby is happy and settled and that’s the priority … and
most important of all, she has no near neighbours to consider
and can shout to her hearts content.