Find the Golden Egg!
The two winners of the autumn/winter Golden Egg competition are Jude
Gadsby-Sykes from Sunderland and Bob Manuel from Devon who both won an
exclusive BHWT golden Egg Skelter. If you didn’t win, but like the Egg Skelter,
you can still buy it from our shop at
Find the Golden Egg in this issue and you could be in with the chance of winning
a useful key ring holder, we have two up for grabs, so please email your details
and the location of the Golden Egg to
or send to:
Competitions, Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton Devon EX34 4RF.
The Higgidy recipe book
winners were Adele Caton
from Surrey, Debra Higgs in
Buckinghamshire and Emma
Vatcher in West Sussex.
This month the
company will release a
product called 'Just
Scrambled’, according
to Tetrick it will be the
first time a company
has created something
that scrambles and
tastes like the real
Q: When is an egg not an egg?
A: when it’s made entirely from peas
and a few other plants. An artificial
egg has been created by Hampton
Creek Foods in America and consists
of a species of pea, sorghum, and 10
other plants that are “particularly
awesome" according to Hampton
CEO, Josh Tetrick.
The company is targeting vegans and
those with a gluten-free diet, but
insists the product is not just for
herbivores. Tetrick’s meat-loving dad
is a big fan of his plant-based cookies,
so apparently is Microsoft’s Bill Gates,
and even our own Tony Blair!