The date?
The venue?
A colony farm in Lancashire.
The crack
wonderful Lancastrian volunteers.
At 8.30 am precisely the above team arrived at the above farm and unloaded
very lucky colony hens, one of whom was
Daisy May
A big thank you at this
point to our helpful, friendly, trusting farmer for letting us take 20,000 hens from his
farm over the past 6 years; we couldn’t have reached our milestone without his
co-operation and trust.
The team arrived back at Co-ordinator Adele Hall’s home at 11.30 am and by
am the girls for Haslingden’s distribution had all been unloaded and were
enjoying their first taste of a damp, dull – let’s face it – fairly miserable day in
Haslingden. BUT it didn’t matter! With everyone on a high knowing they’d helped
to make the milestone a reality, the dirty, but vital task of cleaning and disinfecting
the crates (ready for the next flock of lucky hens) was completed before the final
link in the lovely chain of events that we call our hen collection days took place.
At 2 pm enter Andrew and Ann Horn from Milnthorpe in Cumbria, and now proud
new owners of
Daisy May
Ann told us:
This is the 4th time we have
had rescue hens from Adele
at BHWT Haslingden. After a
few weeks of tlc, the hens
blossom into beautiful girls full
of personality and mischief,
each and every one has a
different personality!
Lancashire Co-ordinators Sophie and Adele