Troop into the kitchen and tap on the cupboard door which contains the cake tins.’
They sometimes dust bath in a large plant pot - you can’t see the hen, just the dirt flying out!’
They have stand-offs with the cat which they always win as the cat is a scaredy-cat!’
My daughter was bending over the chicken coop and one pecked her on the bottom, making
everyone laugh. ‘
Dolly used to perch on my shoulder when I entered the run - I suppose she should have been
called Polly!’
Talk to you, like you are one of the flock.’
Love to spend time on the sofa watching TV, eating treats and sleeping. ‘
One hen will find a nice spot to sunbathe, and another will come and lay on top of her as if to
say, "yes, it's nice and comfy here; I can see why you chose it."’
Chasing each other when one's got a slug (think Keystone Cops).’
We love the hens' "Morris dance" scratch three times with left foot, scratch three times with right
foot, jump back and peck.’
Standing on top of a cake meant for visitors, with cream spread from ear to ear.’
Sunbathing, we looked out and thought there had been an incident!’
Arriving before staff for tea break when "tea up" is shouted in the yard!’
Edwina loves watching TV and will creep into the house to be found on the sofa arm watching
anything going.’
One of my hens went for a sleepover in the hen house next door.’
There's something about the way that they run that reminds me of Les Dawson.’
When they pinch a large food treat and rotate in circles trying to keep it from the others!’
They impatiently flock around my granddaughter who feeds them corn, one kernel at a time!!’
Queuing up for a cuddle at bedtime.’
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