Hen Health
An important aspect of our work is to help with hen health and it seems bullying is one of your
biggest concerns; remember we have some useful articles on bullying on our website so do take
the time to have a look –
You are definitely browsers with nearly half of you using the internet as a resource for advice and
more choosing to call Hen Central for assistance (our Gaynor is good isn’t she?!). Over two-thirds
of you said you would like a BHWT Advice Line and we would love to bring you one – if every
one of you pledged £2 a month it could help with funding this service.
The good news is that over two-thirds of you worm your hens three-six monthly, but 16% admit to
never worming them! Well done for honesty, but a sharp peck from the girls on this point – they
are vulnerable to worm infestations now they free range and worms can kill. We’ve actually been
working with Chicken Vet to bring you an easy-to-dose wormer, made by Flubenvet, which should
be available in our online shop in July. And hopefully it will encourage more of you to keep your
girls wormed.
Over 60% of the girls we home are indulged with vits and supplements – thank you for treating
them so well, they deserve it and hopefully repay your kindness with plentiful eggs. If not, remind
them of their obligations!
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