We can’t talk about hens without mentioning eggs and what you do with them. There was no
overriding preference for egg colour and we knew you’d say that, but want to shove the fact under
the noses of the supermarket bods who reject white eggs for no reason whatsoever other than colour.
It’s TASTE and FRESHNESS customers want, not colour!
Boiled eggs win on the breakfast front by a decent margin … 60% of you enjoy one of the healthiest
breakfasts known to man; 40% of us just love tucking into the full English – yeah, scrummy yummy
and a little of what you fancy, I was always told, does you good!
And you just love cooking with eggs, having a cosmopolitan approach to omelettes – Mexican,
Spanish, Italian frittata, and most pertinent – a ‘Before Football Omelette’ and here’s how to make
it: use cooked potatoes, onion, mushroom, quorn sausages,
spinach all fried up together, covered with 3 eggs and grated
cheese and put under the grill - just right to keep you
going for 90mins apparently!! Lemon drizzle seemed to
be one of the most popular cakes, there was cherry cake
using 8 eggs (!), Yorkshire puds of course, and egg,
chips & beans proved popular.
Unsurprisingly only 7% of you mind if your girls
don’t pop out an egg.
Chicken & Egg
When it comes to
news we like to tell you what’s going on but we want to be sure you are happy to
hear about it.
The best news
for us
is that 84% of you rated
Chicken & Egg
as ‘eggcellent’ or ‘good’, with 49%
reading it cover to cover, 50% flicking through and just 1% ditching it. Funny really as we never set
out to be journalists, but sharing news about our girls is so gratifying and addictive – what ex-bat
keeper amongst us doesn’t crow a bit about their girls?!
Three-quarters of you kindly share
Chicken & Egg
with family and friends, 5% of you pass it to the
local vet surgery (thank you), 2% to the library and 19% ticked ‘other’ but didn’t tell us where that
was. Please not the bin!
Chicken & Egg
is a big outlay for the charity and we need every copy to
work for us, create new homes for hens … remember
the queue waiting for homes never shortens
Not all of you answered our question about paying for Chicken & Egg (just over half of you - thank
you), but of those who did 78% suggested a contribution of £1-£3 per issue, with a few suggesting
we operate a subscription service. We're really grateful for this valuable feedback, we want to make
Chicken & Egg available to as many people as possible, but it is a big cost to the charity and
knowing that so many would support us in paying a small price is helpful. We asked you how we
could make the magazine more appealing to those who don't keep hens and the central comment was
keep on doing what you're doing' which was nice to hear, thank you.
You told us we are getting it right with our chat as a massive 90% said communication levels are
about right’ with just 1% saying they would like less communication. And for the remaining 9%
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Hensus 2014 continued