Consumer awareness of food provenance continues to influence shopping habits with 65% of you
stating that having ex-bats has influenced how you shop and a further 27% telling us you have
swayed family and friends towards British free range eggs and free range egg products. An
impressive 81% read food labels before buying and a massive 98% would like to see extra labelling
to be better informed. That’s another fact we will be shoving under relevant noses, together with the
fact that 63% of you think ‘Eggs (1UK)’ would be easy to understand and 75% saying ‘barn eggs
UK)’/ ‘free range eggs (non EU)’ would be even easier. That’s more than 90% of you willing to
amend your shopping choices to help British laying hens – thank you.
Food out and about. We’re often referred
to as being a nation of foodies and we all love
the occasional indulgence whether it be
coffee and cake or posh nosh, so we
wanted to know how important it is
to you that the food you eat is
hen-friendly. Ninety per cent of
you care what eggs are used
within any food consumed
outside the home – what a lovely
stat; 76% of you are happy to ask
the origin of eggs within meals and
a fab 88% are influenced by this
response; you are game changers for
the girls –
thank you
And finally we
loved reading that 98% of you support establishments that use British free range eggs! Cracking
Good Eggs all of you. And remember, if you visit an establishment where they use British free range
eggs in their menus, nominate them for a BHWT Eggscellence Award
On an equally positive note 94% of our lovely supporters are aware of the BHWT online shop, but
only 40% have made purchases. And unsurprisingly it seems we could improve your shopping
experience as only 37% rated it as ‘excellent’. We’ve simplified the
postage and packing element, that’s now clearer, fairer and much
better value, but we’ve obviously a way to go so we’ve taken this
feedback on board and have plans...
Hensus 2014 continued