And finally we asked about you!
The girls win – with 85% of respondents being female and falling into the 35– 45 age bracket. If
you have the time to bake with your free range eggs from your own hens, why not think about
holding a
Free Range Friday
to continue to support us? Just a thought – you could help us to help
more hens.
Interestingly when we looked at where you live there was no prevailing county or district that proved
a hen magnet, but you do seem to live mostly in the country rather than towns.
As for the Hensus 2014, 47% didn’t mind completing it, 31% had fun filling it in but some of you
did find it a bit boring, sorry! We do go on a bit sometimes … maybe Hensus 2017 will be a bit
shorter. But don’t hold us to it, okay?!
Unsurprisingly almost 80% of you adopt BHWT hens to help save lives - heartfelt thanks go to all.
Many of you also kindly offered to donate on a regular basis and/or help with fundraising, and we're
tickled pink at your kindness and willingness to help us help more hens. We'll be in touch with those
who ticked boxes in the next few weeks, but in the meantime -
Ultimately it’s down to you that we are able to help more hens have a happy retirement and by
completing this survey and giving us an insight into your thoughts we can go on to do more.
Every single one of you commented on how much you love your hens and the positive difference
they have made to your lives. Despite on occasion having to give over your gardens and plants to
their curiosity, they are delightful time wasters and you absolutely, totally and utterly ADORE them!
You described them as entertaining, enriching, egg producing pest controllers – therapy in feathers.
And if they do that for you, just close your eyes and imagine what you have done for them.
To give you and your hens the final word …
I love watching them learn the world when first released.’
Everything they do amuses me.'