A number of our supporters help us raise funds by donating the proceeds from egg
sales. Diane Slaney has taken this concept up a notch through her Manor House
Farm Club. The Club was hatched last year and now has 60 hens who regularly
produce around 45 boxes of eggs a week. Diane started the club as a way to
indulge her passion for hens and help the BHWT at the same time. She asked work
colleagues, neighbours and friends to commit to taking a regular number of boxes.
She priced the eggs reasonably, at £1 per half dozen. When the orders were in,
Diane worked back
from the number of eggs
requested to see how
many hens she needed
to have. As she needs a
reliable supply of eggs
for the club Diane keeps
a mixed flock of birds
resulting in a range of
different coloured eggs
for her delighted
members. Each box of
eggs has a newsletter
insert, featuring hen
stories, advice and
interesting facts.
Her appetite has proved
profitable as 50p from
each sale reaches us
with a predicted £400-
£500 over the year. In an
eggshell whilst we’re
posing no threat to our
commercial egg
producers, it’s a great
result. Thank you Diane
and club members.