Donating by Direct Debit
Our supporters fundraise for us in so many weird and wonderful ways … some run
marathons, some sell goods through eBay, some get baking and run
Free Range Fridays
some sell surplus eggs through egg clubs – we’re constantly amazed at how creative and
energetic our fundraising supporters can be. And every penny we receive helps us to
re-home more hens.
For many, the best way to help is a little less colourful, but no less valuable – they set up a
small regular contribution through a Direct Debit. Regular donations are great for us
because they allow us to plan for the future and keep our admin costs down – and they
work for many donors because the gift can be spread across the year (and changed at any
If you are a taxpayer you can also sign up for Gift Aid, which means we can reclaim an
extra 25p for every £1 you give – and that extra money comes from the government, not
from you!
£2 a month could help us provide the best care for long term poorly hens
£4 a month could help fundraise for an Advice Line service
£8 a month could help transport hens from farms to retirement
£15 a month could help kit out a team so they can care for and re-home hens
Of course any regular amount is welcome, and if you are not able to commit to giving
regularly we would be delighted to receive any donation you are able to make.
Thank you!