26. & 27.
Since last March our fundraising team, along with a group of willing, and it has to
be said, brilliant, volunteers, have been out and about visiting shows to promote
the charity.
You may have seen us at The Edible Garden Show in London earlier in the year
thank you to all those who came over for a chat with our Naomi and co), or the
recent Royal Bath & West and Royal Cornwall Shows in May and June. What a
reception you gave us, Naomi texted us on the way home to say "Just left, on my
way home, another cracking show. The charity is SO popular!" The phones
mirrored your enthusiasm for our hens, and loads more have homes waiting as a
We LOVE chicken chat and will be appearing a little later in the summer at the
North Devon Show. And, just so you know, we're sorry to those north of the
Midlands for the bias currently being shown to southern chicken folk; we have
such limited resources, but do our best. If all goes well, we hope to spread our
wings and bring our travelling show closer to you in the future.
BHWT volunteers Robert, Karon and Charlotte