From their base in the Lake District Helen and David Brass produce and pack only free
range and organic free range eggs, on their family owned business, The Lakes Free
Range Eggs company, run deep in the heart of Cumbria.
They have been supplying McDonald’s with free range eggs for over a decade and have
recently won a ‘2014 Best of Sustainable Supply’ Award whilst also playing an important
role in animal welfare research. This is the second time The Lakes Company has been
recognized by McDonald’s as a global case study. They were acknowledged for focusing
on the highest standards of welfare and environmental excellence, and have developed a
tailor-made training programme for producer farms.
The Brass’s are constantly looking for ways to improve the environment within which they
work and David commented: “The 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply Award endorses the
work we do on range enrichment, and animal welfare research and development.”
Whatever and wherever the drivers to improve welfare and environment for British laying
hens come from, we can only applaud the likes of David and Helen Brass for raising the
bar for our hens.
Thank you