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Thyme is blooming lovely
We would like to introduce you to our Berkshire team which is a bit of a family
affaire with co-ordinator, Emma Hibbert, sharing re-homing days with her family as
they all muck in and do their bit. She told us:
Dad (John) had always wanted chickens so for his birthday in May 2009 we bought him
a chicken house. None of us knew anything about chickens but after researching we
discovered the opportunity to re-home battery hens and went on to adopt Lottie, Ginger
and Pepper. I quickly found myself spending more and more time watching and looking
after them, and my love for chickens GREW!”
Emma was so keen to get more involved with BHWT that in 2012 she jumped at the
chance to join our new team starting in Berkshire. Since then the team has grown into a
dedicated group of volunteers, including Emma’s Mum and Dad (Jane and John), and
sister (Nicola). Then there’s our stalwart Julie Durham, who’s been with the charity since
Jayne and Elizabeth who help with poorlies, Naomi, Angela, Helen, John, Ruth,
Sam, Bob, and Bill who collects the hens. Once a BHWT volunteer always a BHWT
volunteer? Dave and MJ Letford left our Berkshire team last year, moved up to Scotland
and helped establish our new team in St Andrews! We are
BHWT Berkshire is privileged to be able to use the magnificent Wellington College as
their pop-up hen collection point thanks to teacher, Julian and gardener, Tanya who
have both been so kind in helping to set us up.
As Emma told us, hen collection days can be long and tiring, but everyone gets a great
sense of achievement when the stables are empty and all the hens are on their way to a
new life.
BHWT Berkshire
John with Hilda, Emma with Stumpy and Jane with Matilda