Just wanted to contact you to
thank you for the 3 hens that
we collected from you in
They have settled in well,
laying plenty of eggs and are
starting to grow new feathers.
My son (age 3) loves them and
I thought that you may like to
see the picture of his taxi
Best wishes,
Louise Maunder
Dear Wendy
Sage and Gertie have settled in well and are enjoying their freedom. They have got
to know our existing hen, Hetty, very happily and she has spent this afternoon
showing them where to find
all the tasty morsels in the
garden. In return they have
taught Gertie how to get to
grips with the automatic
feeder that has been in her
run for the past four years
without her ever having
understood what it is for! As
you will see from the photos
they are already looking a
lot better and we hope that
they will soon be as
beautiful as Hetty.
Best wishes from Sally,
Herbert, Hannah, Becky and
Ben + Hetty, Sage and
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feedback and fabulous photos? If
so, why not drop us a line. We’d
love to hear from you; your
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break in our chicken crazy days
in the office!
Oliver with James 1 and James 2 named after
his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine Train!