I just thought I'd drop you a line with some lovely photos.
Wonky was rescued with our last batch of ex-bat hens from your Oswestry team in
January this year. Sadly, the other girls started picking on her so she lived in an ark in
the garden for our special needs girls.
Hi Jane,
At the end of March we adopted our baby 13 month old Irish wolfhound, Fraggle, from
the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust. He was underweight with bursae on his elbows
from being kept on concrete in the backyard of terraced house where the 5 children
were riding him. He'd had a very bad start in life. After the first few days of shift
changes (when Wonky was out Fraggle was in the house etc.) Fraggle was introduced
to Wonky, who stood up to her full height and pecked him on the nose (such a brave
little girl)! After that Fraggle submitted to her leadership charms and fell in love with
The rescued hen and the rescued hound follow each other around the garden and
play chase, whilst Amber our 10 year old GSD just looks on at them as if they're
mad, but they'll all
live happily ever after
here in North Wales.
Thanks for all you
and your teams
across the UK do for
these wonderful girls
with massive
personalities -
they're too good to
be nuggets!
Best Wishes,
Keddie Kelsall
Dear Wendy and Karon
Thank you so much to all the team for a
great re-homing service. We are delighted
with our 4 ladies who have already laid 6
eggs in 2 days which is brilliant and way
more then we were expecting. Although I
have kept hens before I was quite daunted
by the whole thing but BHWT could not have
been more helpful or more supportive. Right
up until we were walking away with our 4
hens the quality of information and
organisation was first class. All in all, pure
professionalism delivered with a smile.
Thank you so much and more power to your
Anna Firth