Lunch in the garden – we’re on holiday!
Most animals dislike change to their routines, so if the hens can be safely left in their own
environment they will usually be happier.
When leaving someone to care for your hens, it’s only fair to make sure there is enough
feed to last while you are away. Ideally the coop should be cleaned out at least once a
week, especially if the weather is warm, so ask if your chicken sitter is willing to do this task
and leave the necessary equipment, including fresh bedding.
You should also provide a contact number, and it’s better to write out a list of basic
instructions rather than trying to give verbal information which may be forgotten. The list
should include how many hens are in the ark, their essential needs, and any peculiarities
such as: ‘the grey hen is inclined to go broody’).
Indicate what should be done if a hen is unwell, and include the phone number of a
chicken-friendly vet. Hopefully none of this will be necessary, but a little extra preparation
will reassure your sitter, as well as allowing you to go away and relax.
Make sure the hens are well cared for – and then have a good holiday!
This article originally appeared in Your Chickens magazine:
Further Information
There is a list of ‘chicken
sitters’ on the Omlet website
Eglus and Cubes’). You will
have to register to view
individual details.
Also try
lists of all kinds of help, for
all kinds of pets.
Anne’s book called ‘A Family Guide to Keeping Chickens,’ published
by ‘How To Books’ (an imprint of Constable & Robinson).