Soft boiled seating in France
Just look at this for a cool restaurant -
Le Nid
offers customers a seating experience like no
other. ‘Le Nid’ is French for ‘the nest’ and the bar is
situated inside the body of a long-necked bird,
hence the name and design. Let us know if you’ve
visited this trendy establishment, and better still
send us pics!
Did you know?
There are over 150
varieties of
domesticated hens
laying eggs in
white, brown, pink
and blue
A US University professor has proposed
a concept that at first appears
unbelievable but under closer inspection is
quite thought provoking. The virtual reality
headset project designed to give chickens the
impression of free range life has been launched by Austin Stewart. Fitting caged
chickens with The Oculus Rift headset could give them the experience of
roaming, socialising with other feathered friends and pecking at 'virtual' food
where their real food is located. Light pipes would direct sunlight onto the
chickens during daylight hours and little multi-directional treadmills would
provide them with a sense of being able to move around freely. "My goal
is to present the concept so that people are not sure if I'm serious,"
Stewart said. Whilst we think Stewart's virtual reality world forms
a healthy topic for debate (and we were interviewed by
Canadian magazine on the matter), we know which
side of reality we firmly stand; we like to see
hens outside!
It could only
happen in America!