British Hen Welfare Trust
Hensus 2014 - The Results!
WOW! What a reaction. We had over 1,300 respondents to our Hensus 2014 and
would to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The next four
pages are dedicated to you and your girls:
How you heard about us
The most popular ways for you to find out about the BHWT remain through the media and via our
website (60%), but there’s also a lot of chicken chat going on because lots of you said you heard
about us via word of mouth. That’s great to hear and please keep talking chicken to colleagues,
friends and family to help us find more homes for the girls.
Your girls
Feedback told us on average you keep five of the little darlings with more than 60% of you keeping
pure breeds as well. We were thrilled to learn that just over two-thirds of you are new to hen
keeping and of those nearly half adopted hens from the BHWT –
And what a creative lot you are when it comes to naming them. We have descriptive names such as
Necky Betty, Big Flo, Wonky and Spotty; topical names like Rhianna and Beyonce; traditional
names Holly, Molly and Polly and names from the heart, Freedom, Liberty and Courage! We
wondered if our supporter who named his Salt, Pepper and Vinegar had a particular egg recipe in
mind when naming his girls?!
The three most popular names?
Betty, Daisy
Dora the Explorer – we like it)!
Across the UK we helped nearly 40,000 hens in 2013 through 7,000 adoptions and what fantastic
news to learn that over 40% of you went on to inspire family and friends to adopt more hens
And so
on it flows, more hens being given the chance they deserve because, as we know, the queue waiting
for homes never shortens.
From their previous habitat the hens have undoubtedly moved onto more salubrious surroundings
with 14% residing in town gardens, 35% living the good life in suburbia, 45% becoming country
girls and just a few (3%) retiring to an allotment … all those bugs and slugs, lucky girls! And of
course, we have a few ‘ladies what lunch’ … with some now inevitably posh birds being privileged
enough to poop on the lawns of country piles such as 18
century Kelmarsh Hall in Northampton!
Crikey, their luck came home to roost didn’t it?!
We were delighted to hear that 51% of you based
your feed choice on quality and even more pleased to
see the correlation to our preferred Smallholder
Range of feeds, which 59% of you purchase most
commonly from a country store. Mealworms and
corn remain popular treats with the occasional bread
and fruit being proffered to the extra spoilt girls –
remember keep them healthy … feed minimum treats