Now for what your hens get up to. Oh dear! I think we need to issue an apology to all the dogs and
cats now being terrorised across the UK; to the husbands whose legs, ankles, and shoulders are
regularly pecked or pooped on, and everyone who has had sarnies, cake, anything edible nicked
without permission. We had no idea the girls had such bad manners and were generally so
We’re sure you’ll recognise some of these traits that represent the funniest things that
chickens do:
Their bonding sessions with our pug Phoebe as they chase her around the garden - it's exercise
that she well needs.’
I've had a diamond stud earring pecked out by one of them (thank god she didn't swallow it)!’
Demand grapes with menaces!’
Dorothy MUST supervise all coop cleaning personally...’
Stand on our feet to let us know they are there.’
Climb on our garden furniture so they can peer through the kitchen window.’
Blow across the patio with their skirts in the air!’
Run around with cherry tomatoes in their beaks; I need to take a picture for Comic Relief!’
Jump in my car while I'm getting my shopping out and chase me to see what goodies I've got.’
They come into the house, climb up onto the lounge windowsill and go to sleep next to a
photograph of my mam, who always did want to keep chickens. It's as if they know she'd have
loved them’.
Run to meet anyone who looks like they may have food.’
The children love that the hens talk to them and peck at the spots on their wellies.’
Come in the house when the doors are open, spy on us when they are closed.’
All try and get on my lap at the same time.’
Get through the back door as often as they can and make for the lounge. "Mum there's a chicken
in the lounge" is a regular cry from the kids!!’
My hens run the garden and allow my cats and dog to sit in it until they find them offensive. They
will then bomb them, wings out and down :)’
Following our little toddler around the garden like she is the pied piper of hens!’
Sit and tap on the living room window in the evening wanting to come in. Or watching the telly
when they get in!!’
One or two get in the wheelbarrow when I am weeding the garden and then are very content to be
wheeled towards the compost bin.’
They follow my boyfriend around the garden
encircling him and getting under his feet so he
can't move in any direction. They stand there
looking up at him expectantly. It has me in
stitches every time :)’
Attack my wife if she does not bring any
Follow the lawn mower as local take away.’
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