Why? Because 2015 is our 10
anniversary! OK, OK, don’t get cross … I
know time flies fast enough without me getting into a flap about next year
already, and I know ten years isn’t quite in the same league as a centenary
celebration, but we’re chuffed because we’ve hatched, we’ve grown,
we’re here to stay and we’re going to shout about it!
It’s been a lot longer than ten years since I brought my first flock of ex-bats home,
more like 20 years, but it’s nearly ten years since the Charity Commission officially
gave us the go-ahead to spread our wings and crow about the gorgeousness of
our girls.
So what do we intend doing in our tenth anniversary year? A key goal is to bring
out our
half a millionth
hen. Can you believe that? Hen number 500,000, I have to
bite my lip to stop the smile I tell you. She’s already got a name, and you don’t
need to be a bird-brain to work it out. Elaine in the office came up with it in an
instant … what’s half a million in roman numerals she asked? I Googled it, not being
bright enough to know the answer, and up popped ‘D’. So that’s it then –
Dee has possibly already been hatched, but
is probably still a young chick. It won’t be
long though and she will soon be sitting
somewhere in a colony unit, working
diligently, popping out a daily egg, and Dee
has no idea that at some point towards the
end of next year, we could be swooping in
with our vans and volunteers to bring her into
a world of fame (well relative fame)! We
don’t know where she will be, or who will
adopt her, but you can be sure we’ll keep
you informed as 2015 progresses. And, of
course, we hope you will help us to reach
Dee in our tenth anniversary year.
In the meantime we have another 60,000+
hens to find homes for! Our grand total will
hopefully hit the 450,000 mark by the end of
this year, if the farmers are kind enough to
allow us to continue taking their end of lay
birds (thank you farmers). We have the hens,
the wonderful and willing volunteers … you
can give us the caring homes.