We will be officially launching
The BHWT Egg Club
in 2015 too, and are currently
signing up new Egg Clubs around the country following the runaway success of Di
Manor Farm House Egg Club
in Nottingham. More on this from fundraiser,
Elaine, later, along with news of our take on the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’, a
competition with a cash prize of
find out how to win overleaf.
Our next celebratory issue will also be covering some of the early days in the
charity, like our original name (you’ll laugh) and sharing anecdotes from our teams
around the country. We invite you to tell us about your favourite hens, too,
so we can feature them in our special gallery,
hens like Bunty Boops who I still miss even
now. Bunty came with cage layer fatigue, so
her free range life was limited, but we all
know our own animals well, and Bunty
enjoyed herself … she had friends, she
preened, she chattered, sunbathed, dust
bathed, and
her warm mashes. Here
she is on a lovely day enjoying the big
outdoors. Bunty Boops April 2007 – May
Send your special hen pics (and a short
message of what they mean to you) to me at
And finally, we want your input and feedback on what the last ten years have
meant to you. Has your involvement with the charity been life changing, did you
discover the joys of hen keeping through the charity, what hen tales can you tell