In fact over 92% of the hens we find homes for come from the caged sector. Very
occasionally we take barn hens (because they, too, don’t get to see the big
outdoors during their lifetime) and intermittently we will take a small flock of free
range hens. We take free range birds usually because there are no colony or barn
hens available at the time.
However, you have made it repeatedly clear that you prefer our colony hens as it
gives you a sense of satisfaction to know your adopted hens will enjoy freedoms
other hens take for granted. On the odd occasion that you are invited to adopt
free range hens, many of you elect to wait for the true ex-bats, so you can enjoy
watching them flourish and get to grips with all the elements that the natural
environment offers. And we all know that seeing a hen sunbathe for the first time is
magical, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a strong feel-good factor that
comes with adopting hens that have lived their lives in a caged environment
knowing their working days are over.
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