You probably know, because we tell you so often that – thanks to you - we’ve given
more than 434,000 hens a second chance in life. Over 45,000 adopters have helped
us achieve this, many of whom have no previous experience of keeping hens, but are
driven by compassion to save some lives. And you soon learnt that a bit of TLC, good
food, open space and a secure house is all most of these hardworking girls need to
flourish into retirement.
Occasionally, though, it is not quite this simple. Hens can have problems just like our
cats, dogs, bunnies and other beloved furry pets, and whilst vet knowledge of
backyard poultry is improving, we are still often the first port of call for help when
something goes wrong. Naturally, the more success we have in re-homing our lovely
ladies, the more demand is growing for our support and advice.
we want to help!
We’re not vets, but have plenty of experience gained over the
years, which we are happy to share. Inevitably though we need funding if we are going
to be able to develop our Advice Line and provide more help.
So, could you give a small regular monthly gift to help us please? Any amount would be
very welcome. £1 or £2 a month would do the trick if we get enough people to join in!
Of course, if you are not able to commit
to giving regularly we would be delighted
to receive any donation, and remember
Gift Aid means we can reclaim an extra
p from the taxman for every £1 you
Thank you!