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Eggs in nests
recipe from Sara Burnham
We loved the fact that children can make this recipe, Sarah told us: ‘I run an
after school cookery club at Orleton Primary School where I work as a
Teaching Assistant. This is a firm favourite with all the children and we enjoy
eating it together at the end of the session! Coincidentally the teaching staff
always appear at this stage hoping for tasters!
We have 3 school hens: Parsley, Sage and Thyme who kindly supply the eggs.
This recipe is for one person but can be easily adapted as required.’
free range egg
slice of wholemeal bread
Butter or sunflower spread
Black pepper
Lightly grease one deep muffin tin. (I stick name labels to the side of each
nest’ to ensure the children end up claiming their own egg. They like to
compare the colour of the individual eggs chosen!) .
Spread the slice of wholemeal bread with butter.
Using a round cutter cut a circle to fit the base of the tin. Slice the remaining
bread into small fingers and use these to line the edge of the tin ensuring the
slices overlap each other to make a sealed ‘nest’.
Carefully crack the egg into the bread ‘nest’ (this is always the tricky part
with 20+ children all doing this at once; we always seem to end up with a
few mishaps but lots of laughter).
Add a little ground black pepper on top.
Place into a warm oven 180 c/ 350 F/ gas
mark 4 for about 20 minutes or until the egg
is set and the ‘nest’ nicely browned.
Use a round-ended knife to carefully
release the egg on to a plate, and enjoy!