We like to feature farmers from around the country to showcase excellent examples of free range
farming. In the summer edition we featured The Lakes Free Range Egg Co, a big business
illustrating that size doesn't necessarily result in a loss of standards.
At the opposite end of the scale, this issue features Somerset farmer, James Mitchell. James and
his family farm three small flocks of 500 birds on their 550 acre farm (the hens free range 8 of
these acres) located between the Blackdown and Quantock Hills, and small is definitely beautiful
for these birds who enjoy orchards and space whilst they do what comes naturally in the egg
production department.
James is a third generation farmer and having graduated in 2007 from Harper Adams Agricultural
University has joined the family partnership and helps run the farm with parents Anne & David.
The farm covers almost all aspects of farming with 185 free range sows, 80 Aberdeen Angus
cattle, and arable crops barley and wheat which are milled on farm and fed back to the livestock.
Maize is grown for the cattle, and cider apples and potatoes are produced to supply their shop, the
Rumwell Farm Shop.
Central to the ethos of this farming family is a stress-free lifestyle for the stock. The pigs, cattle
and poultry all have freedom to roam and root, and James confirmed that welfare and giving the
animals their natural habitat is core to their ethos.
It really is an excellent illustration of family farming and we like.