eBay wizard, Megan Whiteman, has raised over £4,000 through her eBay
emporium, and there’s nothing Megan won’t try to sell. Megan’s family help
in the enterprise and Megan has a clientele of regular customers, so we
thought she could provide some useful tips for other fundraisers:
For those of us who aren’t IT savvy, how easy on a scale of 1 to 10 is it to set
up an eBay store (1 being technical and 10 being easy peasy)?
If you have a Paypal and eBay account, then it’s an 8 on the easiness scale. eBay is
efficient and has step by step procedures, and if you’re unsure of how to do
something, there are help buttons, as well as a 24 hour live chat facility. If you don’t
have Paypal and eBay accounts, it will take a little longer.
Take us through the basic steps to setting up a shop framework please
eBay allows sellers 20 free listings per calendar month, and offers regular random
free listing days and weekends. If you make the most of these, you will not have to
pay the 35p listing fee per item. This means no overheads, so if nothing sells, you
don’t lose money, but gain selling experience.
If you donate 100% of the item sale price (as we do), you will have 100% of selling
fees refunded, making the entire process free. All you have to give is your time!
Auction style listings allow for the highest bidder to buy an item, and run for 10
days. However, sometimes a fortnight passes between free listing weekends (when
you can put up items free of charge), so having some Buy it Now listings (where a
price is given rather than the opportunity to bid) will keep a continuous stock on
your account as these last for 30 days. If you have more than one of the same item
you can stipulate how many you have available under the same Buy it Now listing.
It’s worth remembering too, the more items you have for sale, the more exposure
you gain for the BHWT logo, which will automatically display on your listings when
allocated as your chosen charity. It’s not just the winning bidder or buyer who sees
it, but every single person who looks at the items!
What initially inspired you to fundraise for the charity?
We re-homed six girls in 2011 and were completely in love with
them! We decided in 2013 to hold a bootsale, but due to prior
commitments, could not do it. Determined not to disappoint, I
listed the items on eBay instead and things went wild! The
clinching moment came when I was commissioned to knit a
Clanger, and then everybody wanted one. I thought, “I could do
this on a permanent basis!”
Since then we’ve raised an incredible amount and filled our
garden with 29 beautiful hens. I’m not sure what’s more
addictive … looking after the girls or the fundraising!