Where do you source the items for
your eBay store Megan?
We intended to downsize in 2015 so a lot of
the items sold have come from our house
clearance, but now we make items we can
permanently stock on eBay. Dad is a
carpenter and joiner, so he uses recycled
and reclaimed timber to make our
bestselling pet lines.
We’ve had donations from very kind and
generous supporters too; some have been
eBay customers who have posted and
delivered items to us, others close friends
who couldn’t resist helping the hens. My
fellow henthusiast friend, Kim, has been
extremely generous, so deserves a big
thank you!
Lastly, we trawl our local Freecycle net-
work for amazing things, and always check
that people don’t mind us selling the items
for charity. When they hear about the
BHWT, they usually donate more!
How do you attract your buyers?
Attracting buyers is a fine art! You have to choose items wisely. If it has a specific
theme (say Hallowe’en or Christmas) it makes the items easier for buyers to find.
Wording your listing titles carefully is important too, always write a full, friendly and
honest description. If something isn’t brand new, or has a small rip, point it out, the
buyer has to know exactly what they’re getting! Highlight the best bits too,
especially recycled and eco-friendly.
If you have an item that nobody else has listed at the time of sale, well done! If
others have similar items for sale, make sure yours is the one everybody wants. We
start our items at half price to attract attention. If you do the job well enough, the
listing is all the promotion you’ll need!
What are the most popular items for sale?
The single most popular item so far, notching up 150+ sales, is my own small pet toy
design - the ‘peaflake pyramid’. This has been a sell-out item several times and has
been given to baby rabbits, rescue degus and a guinea pig with a poorly eye!
We also have a range of 99p items and we’re more likely to sell 50 x 99p items than
one item at £50. Having said that, there have been some amazing bidding wars,
where an item starts at 99p and ends at £13! We’ve sold a painting at £100, a
cutlery set at £350, expensive autographs to America…..you never know what
might happen, which is what makes it so exciting. We’ve often watched an item
that’s had lots of interest, and ended up leaping in excitement as it whizzes up with
seconds to go!
What is the fastest selling item you have sold?
Out of the 1,150 items sold over the last 10 months, the quickest ever sale was
some Snugglesafe Heatpad covers. We had two brand new covers, which we listed
at 2pm and both had gone by 7pm!
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