Do you operate the eBay store on your own, and how do you fit
this in with looking after your hens and other animals?
If you put spare time to its best use, you can fit almost anything into a day! We have
hens, 3 cats, 2 large terrapins, 5 rabbits, 1 fish, 1 budgie, and any rescued
wildlife that crash lands or stumbles upon us. We also run three allotments and
cook all our own vegan meals from scratch, as well as being as eco-friendly as
possible (which means few car journeys and no washing machine!).
If you’re organised, tending to eBay listings, sales, communications and other
necessities is easy. I take care of all the online transactions, whilst mum battles
despatches (wrapping up to 10 parcels daily) and dad handles the daily Post Office
runs. I’d say eBay fundraising demands 1 to 2 hours daily.
What would be the single best piece of advice you would give to anyone
wanting to start eBay fundraising for us?
Jump in and start fundraising today, you won’t regret it! Put your energy, and
enthusiasm into it, and you won’t go wrong. You just might take to it like a duck to
water, or … like a hen to freedom! If you need any advice, the BHWT’s Naomi will be
happy to forward your enquiries to me.
Do you have any problems with people sending back unwanted goods and
who covers the cost of postage and packaging?
Since every item we sell is for charity, I have a strict no returns policy (which is
unusual on eBay these days). If I refund the money, it would be like taking it away
from the hens. Out of the 1,000+ items we’ve sold, we’ve had very few problems.
Two have gone missing in the post and one was returned by hand. If your buyer
feels they can talk to you, there’s little that cannot be remedied.
And now a few questions about you, and your hens Megan:
What makes the BHWT special to you?
Ultimately, what makes the BHWT special for me is that it’s my mum’s favourite
charity, and whatever she feels passionate about, I will support to the hilt. I love the
way that people who keep hens are immediately united and a friendship is instantly
born, and everybody with chickens seems to be so happy and nice! I’ve made many
new friends, and it’s a charity taking on a
mammoth and difficult task, manned (and
womanned, of course) by volunteers taking on
tasks that are never easy, but are always worth the
end result - hens’ lives being saved.
Do you have a favourite ex-bat?!
I have had three favourite girls since 2011: Bunty,
who was courageous, loyal, athletic, reckless
facing down two cats at once!) and everything I’d
want to be if I was a hen! Cupid, bless her, only got
two months of freedom, but turned into the best
greenhouse gardener in that time that I’ve ever
known! And Henwyn Gwynnwyddyn (what a
name!), it was love at first honk!
Dad, Andrew, with Margot