by Elaine Jay
In the last edition of
Chicken & Egg
we told you
about super-supporter Diane Slaney and her
Manor House Farm Egg Club. Di asks colleagues,
friends and neighbours to commit to a regular egg order, they
pay £1 for half a dozen and the BHWT receives 50p from each box sold.
Since we featured Di’s Egg Club you’ve let us know about other variations on the
Egg Club idea.
Jenny and Brian Colvin have been supporters from the start and regularly send
donations courtesy of their girls. However, there is a current crisis in that posh birds,
Boudica, Bella, Bonnie, Blossom, Billie and Bea (Gold Double-Laced Barnevelders if
you please) have gone all broody and Jenny has had to have a stern talk about
the merits of helping those less fortunate … Jenny’s Egg Club is appropriately
titled ‘The Aristos Alms Egg Club’, which ought to give the girls a clue as to the
importance of their work really; Jenny hopes they’ll be back in business again
Jenny Colvin
Cindy Farrington