Abby Gregory has 4 rescue dogs, and nothing feathery of her own, but that didn't
stop her finding a high welfare local free range farmer and buying eggs to sell to
friends, family and clients at a small profit, which she donates to the BHWT. Abby
now gets orders for between 100 and 150 eggs weekly and says “My egg club is
called ‘Far Stanley Feathery Friends’, it's a great way to fundraise, people love the
eggs as they are really tasty coming from happy hens. It's something any one of
your supporters could do!” Since starting the scheme at Christmas 2012 the ‘Far
Stanley Feathery Friends’ have raised £410 - is that girl power or what?!
Cindy's Cheerful Chicks’ are also popping out eggs to support the BHWT,
and Cindy Farrington, a teacher from The Royal High School in Bath, has
increased her flock to accommodate demand from her fellow teachers,
and even the headmistress. Her kind colleagues are so generous that Cindy
sent us a gift of £150 from sales over the Summer Term alone.
We would like to thank each and every one of our Egg Clubbers around the
country - there is something so appropriate about hens laying to help their
working colleagues towards a happy retirement.
Our Egg Club is officially launching in our next edition and we will have a not
on-the-high-street sticker for those who join. If you’re interested, please get
in touch with
We might even start an egg league … now there’s a thought!